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Charlene Yoga Ring - FITTY Store
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Charlene Yoga Ring

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The Charlene Yoga Stretch Ring is Small But Mighty. This korean workout tool is ergonomically designed to help in stretching and massaging different parts of the body, not just in yoga but also as a general stretching and massaging tool.

Who is ideal for?

- Yogis 

- anyone who works out and exercises often

- ladies who experience stiffness in their neck and calves (strained muscles)

Yoga Ring Material:


Key Features:

- Small and very portable

- ergonomic beads act as points of acupressure when you place the ring over strained and tight muscles 

- gently massages and promotes blood circulation 


24 cm by 12.5 cm by 10 cm

What's the Difference between our Yoga Ring and others?

- Made of non-toxic and durable ABS instead of PVC

- Stronger and more shock-resistant. Able to take the weight and pressure of our bodies

- ergonomic beads to act as points of acupressure for effective stretching and massage.

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