Our Story


I'm Zen, founder of FITTY! I'm a FTWM to my two lovely boys Jake and Max. I love what I do for a job, but I started FITTY because it's always been my dream to start a brand that empowers and celebrates womenhood. I'm only a fitness enthusiast, and am by no means a professional at all, but I deeply believe every woman deserves to look good and feel great in her own body, regardless of her size or figure. 

In this time and date, where many industries feed off insecurities and self-consciousness to make a profit, we strive to stand firm to build a brand that embraces self-love and body-positivity. We want our Fitty ladies to step into the gym, proud and confident in our activewear and gears. 

We've got a little dream, and that is to make A Million Ladies Happy. Whether you are a Size 6 or Size 16, we've got something in store for you. 

Every Body Is A Fitty Body.

Here, We Celebrate Your Body, Not Your Size.

Yours Truly,


Let us embark on a journey of growth and self-love together!