A.O.M. Vegan Suede Yoga Mat (2.0) - FITTY Store
A.O.M. Vegan Suede Yoga Mat (2.0) - FITTY Store
A.O.M. Vegan Suede Yoga Mat (2.0) - FITTY Store
A.O.M. Vegan Suede Yoga Mat (2.0) - FITTY Store
A.O.M. Vegan Suede Yoga Mat (2.0) - FITTY Store
A.O.M. Vegan Suede Yoga Mat (2.0) - FITTY Store

A.O.M. Vegan Suede Yoga Mat (2.0)

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This is Not A Painting, it's a Real Yoga Mat that is made of Vegan Suede.

100% Animal Cruelty-Free. We've decide to launch a second theme for A.O.M because of the first series' success.

The Mat is lined with a bottom layer of natural rubber to provide a non-slip grip, that is perfect for Yoga or Pilates.

Why Vegan Suede?

- Eco-friendly
- microfiber properties allows good water absorption, enhancing the grip
- allows great stability to be established on the mat especially when doing yoga
- luxurious texture that does not irritate the skin
- premium grade dyes only, the colours do not run even after wash

Why Natural Rubber?

- Eco-friendly
- Great insulation against the temperature of the floor, be it too hot or too cold.     That's why it serves as a great outdoor mat too!
- High density allows a level of cushion and support, while also allowing yogis to feel     the ground.

Mat Care:
- For daily cleaning after use, just use a wet cloth to wipe over it, and air dry.
- For heavier cleaning (we recommend once every 2 weeks), put it into a laundry bag and put in machine wash. 
*Caution: Do not use any rough surfaces (especially scrubs) to clean it. You will damage the mat.

Mat Details:

- 183 mm by 68 mm by 1.5 mm

- Comes with a Mat Bag

Ways To Use The A.O.M. Mat:

1. Use it on it own as a travel fitness mat.

Just Fold it up into an A4 size, put it into your Mat Bag, and off you go! The amazing artwork makes it totally instagram-worthy when you bring it with you on your travel trips!

2. Lay it over your usual fitness mat.

If you are doing exercises that requires more cushioning or lying on your back, lay the A.O.M. Mat over and you have a lovely suede texture that allows you to have a better grip, and an easier clean up time. Simply put it into the washing machine for a gentle rinse instead of having to clean up your whole mat. That saves you a whole lot of time!

3. Daily Yoga/Pilates practice (intermediate & above)

Because of it's thickness, we do not recommend beginners to use this mat on its own as it is a tad too thin. However, for intermediate yogis, this is perfect because it allows you to feel the ground, while having that really firm grip and slight cushion. Plus, feeling all that luxurious texture of suede under your feet.

A.O.M. Mat is the perfect workout buddy for a lady that's always on the go, but strives to keep fit. Because it's so pretty, you can even bring it along for picnics and beach outings. It's The Mat that all your friends will rave about. 

Please Note:

- this is a made-to-order item 

- it will take 2 weeks for delivery. 


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